TOR: Strategy Group

Proposed for September 2019

TSA meetings will be conducted along the vision as outlined on our website.

TSA Heads and/or Worcestershire based NLEs – Invited to table:
• TSA Heads / NLE (one seat for each Alliance)
• Babcock Representatives
• WM Teaching School Co-ordinator
• Ofsted (invited if applicable)
• University of Worcester

Meeting focused upon the following areas

• School Improvement Offer and School to School Support
Updates: CPD, ITT, R&D, briefing from the sub-regional board

Three meetings per year, held at schools in Worcestershire. Chairman to be nominated from within the group on a yearly basis. Whoever chairs the group, the Deputy Head/Teaching School Co-ordinator/SLT Link of the same school will chair any operations meetings.

The Lead TS Co-ordinators’ meeting will focus upon two core issues: ITT and CPD.

Professional etiquette will be observed in relation to transparency, confidentiality and sensitivity.

Chair will take on responsibility for overseeing the TSA website and provide administrative support to deal with the minutes. A small contribution may be suggested, in agreement with other schools, to support this. Suggested figure for 2017/18 £100 per year per school.

Schools within the Herefordshire and Worcestershire TS Alliance may be involved in working with schools outside these counties.  We will have an inclusive approach to schools and encourage reciprocal arrangements outside of Worcestershire

To oversee the workings of the Steering and Operations Groups.

To include oversight for NPQ programme.

The Strategic Improvement Fund will be administered through the TSA and collaborative bids will be made.

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Heads may delegate bids to a third party, eg Babcock for Worcestershire.