Our Vision

Our Vision

The collective purpose of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Teaching School Alliance is to deliver the principles based upon the vision for the National Teaching School programme.

Therefore, we will aim to develop:-

A School-Led Initial Teacher Training programme

A Continuing Professional Development programme, identifying and developing leadership potential

A support structure for other schools

Our mission as an Alliance will be to:-

Secure outcomes that provide value for money with the potential to become self-sustaining

Develop a culture of shared moral purpose, openness, honesty and trust to all Alliance and Partner schools to improve outcomes 

Provide activities which will directly impact upon standards

Focus upon enhancing school-based CPD and leadership development opportunities to impact upon classroom practice and therefore the progress of learners

Develop a self-improving school system

We will aim to achieve this by:-

Playing a greater role in training new entrants to the profession

Leading peer-to-peer professional development and leadership development opportunities

Identifying and developing leadership potential

Providing support for other schools to meet local and regional needs

Designating and brokering Specialist Leaders, Local Leaders and National Leaders in Education Engaging in Research and Development opportunities

Developing networks across the Lead Schools